Over 2500 Documents

categorized into 430 unique topics

survivalbuilder.com is the next generation tool for building deep, personalised survival knowledge, with effective plans to survive any threat.

We've invested over 12k hours building survivalbuilder.com from the ground up with dozens of pros at the top of their game. This is not your typical ebook or thin content membership site that requires boring study and is limited to a single threat or scenario. Most disasters in reality are localised, and requires the specific, tailored knowledge, that our tool prepares for you.

Setup your skills and build unlimited personalized plans for any relevant threats, or customize our 30+ pre-made plans to suit your skills and situation.

Over 250k catorgorized and indexed disaster, combat, survival and rebuild tested sheets of knowledge, authored by thousands of highly trained and field experienced professionals

Build complete confidence in yourself and your family to take on and survive anything.

Features & Benefits
at a Glance

  • Easy to Use:

    Simple design interface has you learning and building plans immediately
  • Interactive:

    Rate and review, build reading lists alongside fully fledged survival plans for unlimited threats.
  • One of the Largest Online Survival Knowledge-Bases:

    Over 250k sheets in 3000 sorted and indexed books spanning 500 carefully crafted categories
  • Adjustable Skill Settings:

    Whether you're completely new or a seasoned vet, set your skills and hone in on the right knowledge just for you.
  • Build Personalized Survival Plans:

    Enjoy the confidence, peace of mind and security of having your own personalised survival plans.
  • Make Unlimited Plans:

    Theres no limit. Build mulitple unique survival plans for all disasters that are of most threat.
  • Access From Any Device:

    Access your secure account anywhere, from any device whether desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Print Centric:

    The ability to print and read offline was baked into this tool from the ground up. Print clean and easily readable plans ready for action when needed.
  • 30+ Preset Survival Plans:

    Customize by setting your skills, and you're ready to go. Perfect for anyone short on time or new to survival planning
  • Scrapbook

    Use the scrapbook feature to save key survival sheets for later reading, saving and printing as you build.

Our online tool takes the stress out of being ready for any disaster or threat. Take control, start planning and protect yourself and your family today