How To Make Mission Furniture: An Accurate Guide Complete With Images

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A lot of people want to learn how to make mission furniture because of the furniture's functionality and simplicity. This guide provides instructions and images to make the most popular mission style furniture.

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'Mission Furniture: How to Make It' is an informative guide that teaches readers how to create their own mission-style furniture. Published by the Popular Mechanics Company in 1909, this book offers detailed instructions on making various pieces such as chairs, tables, desks and more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced woodworker looking for inspiration, this book has something for everyone.

The book begins with simple projects like home-made porch seats and candlesticks before moving onto more complex ones such as Morris chairs and roll-top desks. Each project includes a list of materials needed along with detailed illustrations showing each step of the process. The text is written in plain language so even those new to woodworking can follow along easily.

In addition to providing practical advice on construction techniques, 'Mission Furniture: How To Make It' also covers finishing methods including waxing and fuming oak. There's even a section dedicated entirely to stains! Readers will learn about filling oak grain pores properly before applying stain or finish which ensures that their final product looks professional.

Overall,' Mission Furniture: How To Make It' is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning how to build beautiful mission-style furniture at home.The clear writing style combined with numerous illustrations makes it easy-to-follow while still being comprehensive enough for advanced woodworkers.

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