A Guide To Practical Bread Making

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Probably there are few callings that can claim an older or more respectable origin than that of the Baking Trade, and nothing marks the progress of the world's cuisine more clearly than the difference that exists between ancient and modern bread making. This booklet presents a classic look at a wide range of bread topics, and gives us a window on the old and true methods to achieve the perfect breads.

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Written by Robert Wells, The Baker's Manual delves into the history behind one of humanity's oldest professions - baking. From soaking grains in water for natural drying to using leavening agents like yeast or barm (a type of sourdough starter), this book provides an extensive overview on how different cultures have made their daily staple throughout time.

This manual also offers practical advice on how to make your own starters with detailed instructions on making Parisian barm without any previously-made barm being mixed with it. Additionally, it explains how malt and hop barm can be used instead along with other substitutes for wheat-based bread such as apple or ragwort.

Sponging is another important aspect covered in this book where readers will learn about Sunday sponging versus overnight sponging in large firms among others. Dough manipulation techniques are also discussed including moulding square or round loaves while providing step-by-step guides for Vienna Bread, Fancy Cottage Loaves and Sandwich Loaves just to name a few.

Finally, The Baker's Manual concludes by discussing ovens - waggon ovens; furnace ovens; Scotch Ovens etc., general devices required for modern bakeries along with tips on heating new ovens & seasoning tins plus information regarding adulteration practices within the industry.

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