Viktor Schauberger Vortex Engine

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Here is a short description on a wind mill based on Viktor Schaubergers Repulsin or the "UFO"-engine. In order to understand how this type of wind mill works we must know some of the basics in Viktor Schaubergers technology.

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In this book, QRT (Curt Hallberg) introduces readers to an innovative approach for generating power using sub pressure instead of overpressure. He draws upon the work of Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger who developed what he called Implosion technology - which is based on condensing and cooling rather than high temperature and high-pressure explosions.

The main idea behind the windmill described in this book is to create a vortex inside a chamber that sucks air through turbines into the chamber creating sub pressure. This process generates long threads of air that multiply transversal energy resulting in more torque around the axis maintaining rotation acting as a source of power to generators.

Schaubergers devices are unique because they utilise Coanda effect which occurs when low-pressure zones lift objects such as airplanes or generate vortices like those found within rain clouds. By shaping membranes like egg ends, small vortexes co-operate with one another forming larger ones until reaching critical speed where peripheral speeds increase due to larger radii twisting together into huge drags through chambers generating sub pressures at macroscopic levels.

Overall, Seeking Nature's Secretale provides insight into alternative methods for harnessing natural energies by exploring new ways we can apply scientific principles from nature itself.

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