Brakedrum Windmill Plans

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The plans in this booklet are for a wind turbine that really works from someone who lives with and depends on wind energy. The brakedrum windmill is a proven design that Hugh has operated at a remote, windswept headland in northwest Scotland since 1993.

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'Brakedrum Windmill Plans' is an instructional guide for building your own wind turbine from scratch. The author, Hugh Piggott, has been living off-grid in Scotland since the early nineties and relies on renewable energy sources like wind power. This book offers readers a practical way of harnessing the power of the wind without breaking the bank.

The plans are based on rear brake drums used by Ford trucks that can be easily found at any scrap yard or auto salvage shop. With this design, you'll avoid common issues associated with commercial turbines such as slip rings and yaw bearings which often bedevil home-built machines.

This new edition features updated diagrams and measurements given in both metric and North American units. It also includes information regarding modifications for using a Ford 3/4 ton pickup truck - commonly available in North America - along with a mathematical model that allows builders to modify design parameters according to individual needs.

Overall, 'Brakedrum Windmill Plans' provides step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear illustrations making it accessible even for those who have no prior experience building their own turbines. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply want an affordable alternative source of electricity during emergencies, this book will help you achieve your goal.

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