Low Cost Housing Prefabricated Panel System

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To assist in providing accommodation for low income earners in Papua New Guinea this Bulletin outlines economies possible by using a prefabricated panel construction technique. It explains a simple technique through which reductions in materials and construction time can significantly reduce other building costs.

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"Low Cost Housing: Prefabricated Panel System" is a technical bulletin that explains how to construct affordable housing using prefabricated panels. The Department of Public Works in Papua New Guinea compiled this guide to help provide accommodation for low-income earners by reducing building costs through the use of this innovative system.

The book describes the panel system in detail, which minimizes timber usage, labor costs and erection time. It includes plans utilizing the system with relevant detail drawings available upon request. This method can significantly reduce other building costs while maximizing returns on materials and money.

The book provides step-by-step instructions on constructing the jig used to fabricate frames for wall panels, door panels, single shutter panels and double shutter panels. The Jig is placed flat on an earth or concrete floor or supported on carpenter horses where pre-cut lengths of 2" x 1" are positioned according to details (1), (2), (3) and (4).

Once assembled onto bolts drilled into the floor at regular intervals not more than six inches apart as per template holes noted in details; two sheets of selo matting are stapled back-to-back onto one side of each frame before being trimmed flush with it. Cover strips are nailed according to detail after attaching cladding as outlined earlier.

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