Selected Bibliography On Brickmaking In Developing Countries

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This bibliographic leaflet is primarily intended as an information resource on current documents on brickmaking for small and medium-scale brickmakers and organisations working with them.

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"Selected Bibliography on Brickmaking in Developing Countries" is an informative resource that compiles various documents related to fired clay brick production. The book focuses primarily on the challenges faced by small and medium-scale enterprises producing bricks efficiently, economically, sustainably while minimizing environmental impact. With particular emphasis given to promoting renewable fuel sources as alternatives to wood from indigenous forests.

The document is divided into five sections: General information about brick making; Clay extraction & preparation; Moulding & Drying; Kilns & Firing; Fuels & Energy Efficiency. Each section lists relevant publications with a rating system ranging from one star (limited relevance) to five stars (highly useful). Keywords are also provided at the end of each section for easy reference.

Some notable works include "Village-Level Brickmaking", which offers basic guidelines suitable for village-level brick makers including planning sites, manual mould-making techniques kiln firing organization tips among other topics. Another interesting read includes "Energy Efficiency in Small-Scale Brick Making: Experience of the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) in Zimbabwe," detailing ITDG's outreach program helping small scale-brick makers adapt their practices using improved clamp kilns and boiler ash waste as fuel.

Overall this bibliography serves as an excellent resource for those interested or involved with artisanal burnt-clay brick production looking towards more sustainable practices.

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