Food Storage Made Easy: A Survivalist's Resource

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This guide will teach you the basics of food storage made easy, including different types of food storage. Consider the differences between prepared foods, canned foods, MRE (meals ready to eat) and freeze dried foods.

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"Bulk Survival Food Tips" by Kevin Taylor offers practical advice on how to prepare and store emergency food supplies. The book explores various options available for survival food, including canned foods, dry grains, MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat), and freeze-dried foods.

The author highlights the limitations of conventional wisdom offered by governments in terms of storing canned goods and dry grains. He then goes on to explain why MREs are a better option than traditional storage methods as they last longer and require less preparation time.

However, the most superior option according to the author is Freeze Dried Food which lasts up to thirty years! It requires minimal space for storage while being easy and quick to prepare. Additionally, it has an extended shelf life compared with other alternatives such as canned or dried foods.

Overall Bulk Survival Foods provides valuable insights into preparing your family's emergency rations that will help you survive any crisis situation ranging from natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes through civil unrest situations.

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