116 Wing Chun Dummy Techniques

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This book is the only one teaching readers the complete set of 'real' Wing Tsun Wooden Dummy techniques and their applications. Written by Master Yip Chun, with technical adviser Dr. Leung Ting, this book offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and applying these ancient martial arts techniques.

The details..

The 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques is the name of a book being planned for publication ever since the death of late Grandmaster Yip Man. As heir to his style of Chinese Kung-fu, Master Yip Chun feels it's his responsibility to put into print all aspects of wooden dummy technique which form an essential part in learning Wing Tsun Kuen.

In this book, readers will find photos passed on from Grandmaster YIP MAN himself that demonstrate how each technique should be applied correctly. The trunk is made up cylindrical wooden stake five feet long and four inches thick; other parts include upper arms stuck into two mortises at top end, third arm below them and dummy leg - short bent stake thicker than above parts.

Also included are explanations regarding differences between dummies (used as substitutes for partners or opponents) & piles (stakes used for individual purposes). This text also explains why making use of wooden dummies helps rectify delivery movements while practising punches or kicks; aiding training in body balance & strength stance.

Dr Leung Ting has offered invaluable advice throughout planning & publishing process so that readers can gain maximum benefit from studying this material not just as a martial art but also indispensable aid when practicing Wing Tsun Kung-fu.

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