Muay Thai - The Art of Fighting

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Learn the art of Muay Thai in this comprehensive handbook. Detailing trategies, history, cultural significance, pre–fight rituals, training and the author's own personal experience in Muay Thai and in writing this book. An essential resource for someone already practicing and for the complete novice.

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Muay Thai: The Art of Fighting is an in-depth exploration into the world of Muay Thai. Written by Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad and James Cartmell, this book provides readers with an overview on the history and traditions associated with this ancient martial art form. It also includes detailed descriptions on various techniques used in Muay Thai such as Cherng Mad 15 Cherng (15 punches), Cherng Sok 24 Chern (24 elbow strikes),Kae Thao 23 Kom (23 kicks) etc., which are suitable for both beginner level fighters or experienced practitioners.

The authors have included chapters on training drills that can help improve punching power; defensive head movements; throws & takedowns; basic combinations & more complex ones along with other useful tips like how not to flinch or blink while fighting. They've also provided information about hand wrapping methods appropriate for different types of training sessions like heavy bag training etc.

In addition to providing technical knowledge about Muay Thai moves & strategies, they have also included details regarding common injuries related to practicing this sport along with advice on dealing with psychological issues arising from getting hit during fights. There's even a chapter dedicated towards meditation practices that can be beneficial when preparing mentally before engaging in a fight.

All these topics combined together make up what makes Muay Tai so unique - its combination of physical prowess mixed withe mental fortitude needed to face off against opponents who may be bigger or stronger than you! This book will provide all those interested in learning more about this fascinating martial art form!

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