Muay Thai - The Art Of Fighting

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Techniques described in this book are meant to damage and even kill your opponent, though being properly executed are very damaging and some are potentially lethal. Practice and use them with caution – it’s your and own responsibility.

The details..

Muay Thai: The Art of Fighting is an in-depth guide into the world of Muay Thai. Written by Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad and James Cartmell, it provides readers with a detailed look at the history and traditions behind this ancient martial art. It also offers insight on how to learn traditional basics such as punches, elbow strikes knee strikes kicks; along with more complex techniques like throws or takedowns.

This book also explains various training drills that can help improve punching power or kicking speed while providing tips on how not to flinch when being hit. Additionally there are sections dedicated towards hand wrapping which includes both pro boxing style as well as muay thai specific wraps for heavy bag training.

The authors provide advice on dealing with any psychological issues related to getting hit during fights while offering guidance on meditation practices that can be used before a fight begins. There is even an entire chapter dedicated specifically towards conditioning your shins so they become harder than steel!

Overall Muay Thai: The Art Of Fighting provides readers with an extensive overview about this fascinating martial art including its origins up until modern day practice making it perfect for anyone looking to gain knowledge about one of Asia's oldest fighting styles.

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