US Marine Corps Rifle Marksmanship

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This document details the methods and procedures used by the Marine Corps in training effective rifle marksman. Aimed at developing basic, entry level students to a sustainable level required by the US Marine Corps Rifle Marksmanship criteria.

The details..

M14 and MI4A] Rifles FM23-8 is a comprehensive guide to using these two types of rifles provided by the Department of the Army. The book includes detailed descriptions about mechanical training such as characterisation, disassembly/assembly operations/functioning stoppages/immediate action maintenance & ammunition accessories.

The book also covers topics related to rifle marksmanship fundamentals including preparatory marksmanship training & 25 meter firing along with battlesight zero range organization & management target detection crack & thump technique automatic rifle marksmanship quick fire record fire ballistics error correction etc.

Additionally it has appendices that cover references metric conversion tables known distance firing target detection exercises addendum which include changes in page 153 general purpose procedure coach&firer method scores diagnostic purposes etc., advanced rifle marksmanship ballistic detection & correction errors.

Overall this manual serves as an essential resource for anyone looking to learn how to use or maintain their M14 or MI4AI] Rifle effectively.

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