Promote the first and only survival plan builder on the market.

Earn up to 75% commission on every sale you make, as well as all the future subscription payments your sale generates!

Three Reasons Why SurvivalBuilder

Number 1 - Lucrative and Growing Survival Market

Any affiliate looking for a lucrative niche should be looking at survival. They're not calling it the “Doom Boom” for nothing.

A sharp increase over recent years, has seen experts suggest the survival and emergency preparedness market will be worth over $93 Billion dollars by 2018!

To make things even better, this niche is highly emotional. It plays on a customer's deepest fears, resulting in customers primed to spend and spend regularly.

Number 2 - Get Paid For The Initial Sale and All Future Subscription Payments!

SurvivalBuilder is a recurring subscription site. Subscriptions are either monthly or annually. To make things more than fair we have decided to not only pay affiliates commission on the initial subscription sale but also on all the future subscription payments their sale generates. Essentially money for nothing!

Number 3 - Cutting Edge New Survival Product

We have built a survival plan builder, like nothing else seen before.

It’s taken over a year to develop and is the accumulation of 10+ years survival knowledge.

SurvivalBuilder is set to change the way the survival world plans for a disaster with our purpose built software. Our survival plan builder offers a user the ability to build a series of threat specific, personalised, survival plans. All information is generated from our hand selected library of over 3000 survival books.

The days of ebooks and boring checklists are gone!

What you get from us:

Affiliates are an integral part of SurvivalBuilder and that’s why we go to great lengths to give you everything you need to ensure your ongoing success.

  • Earn up to 75% Commissions Ongoing subscription commissions
  • Individual Support From Our Affiliate Team Paid on Time
  • High Quality Promotional Resources Proven Sales Funnel
  • Your Own Affiliate Login To Track Payments & Stats No competition
  • Low Refund Rates Ongoing optimization

All Promotional Resources Supplied By Us

We have done it all for you. From copy to banners, we have done all the hard work, This way you can focus on the part you do best, promoting! All our promotional material has been designed, tested and proven to convert.

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Sign up and Start Promoting Now

What will you be promoting?

It’s pretty simple, you will be promoting paid membership sign ups to SurvivalBuilder. For every paid membership sign up you will be paid a 75% commision. How much depends on what type of membership you sell.

We have two membership options:

  • $27US Monthly membership - at 75% commission you will receive $20.25US per membership sign up
  • $197US Annual membership - at 75% commission you will receive $147.75US per membership sign up

As an added bonus we pay commission on all future subscription payments that are generated by your initial sale, at a rate of 40%.

Affiliate Sign Up

Our affiliate program is run by ClickBank®. A trusted partner in affiliate partnerships. To start promoting SurvivalBuilder you will need to signup with Clickbank. If you already have an account then you can sign up and start promoting SurvivalBuilder here. If you don’t have a clickbank account you can sign up here, it doesn’t cost a thing and only takes a minute or two.

Affiliate FAQ

How do you track sales that have been generated from my site?

As an affiliate you will be given a referral URL. This URL contains a unique ID specific to you. You will use this referral URL in all your promotions of SurvivalBuilder. When a customer clicks on your link and lands on the SurvivalBuilder website, your unique ID is stored in a cookie, within the customer's browser. If the customer makes a purchase, you will be awarded the commission on the sale.

How long does the tracking cookie stay in the customer's browser? Can I get awarded for a sale, if a customer doesn’t make a purchase until weeks or months later?

Yes, for as long as the cookie containing your ID stays attached to the customer, any purchases they make will be awarded to you. However, if they wipe their cookie history or click on another affiliates SurvivalBuilder link, you will no longer be attached to that customer, if they purchase.

What constitutes a sale?

The purchase of a monthly or annual membership to SurvivalBuilder

How much do I get paid?

You get 75% commission for every purchased SurvivalBuilder membership you generate. Depending on the membership type you sell you will get either; $20.25 for a monthly membership sale; or $147.75 for an annual membership sale. You will also get paid commisson for any future subscription payments the sale makes, at a rate of 40%.

When do I get paid?

All commission payments must pass the 30 day money back guarantee period. Once 30 days have past, your commission will be paid on the 1st of the next month.

How are my payments sent?

Payments are all made via Clickbank, which means you will never be paid late. You will need to have a Clickbank account in order to receive your payment.

Can I monitor my payments?

Yes, through your clickbank account you can view all your past, present and pending payments.

What happens if I refer a client and so does another affiliate?

The last cookie wins is how we decide this. The affiliate with the referral closer to the transaction is the one that gets paid.

I’m missing a payment or credit for a sign up

Check your clickbank account to confirm you haven’t been paid. If you still believe there is a problem please contact


If you want to talk more about our program please feel free to contact our dedicated affiliate management team